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Capacity Building Support for the Ministry of National Education

Country: Turkey

Donor: EuropeAid

Period: 06/2008 – 05/2010

Activity: The overall objective is an effective and efficient quality national educational system responsive to the needs of the Turkish people, on a par with European and international standards and creating a knowledge-based society and growth economy. The overall purpose is to assist the Ministry of National Education (MoNE) in implementing a restructuring process aimed at improving its governance, organization and management, financing, and evaluation/monitoring capacities to make the preschool to secondary education system more effective and efficient.

Provision of expertise to support ETF initiatives for human resources development

Country: EU, IPA, ENPI, DCI regions

Donor: European Training Foundation

Period: 02/2008-02/2009

Activity: This framework contract is intended to cover contracting of specific expertise services to support ETF initiatives in the partner countries covered by its work programme, in different fields relating to human resource development. Inputs from experts may be required, for example, in one or more of the following areas:

  • Programming and project design (including feasibility studies), monitoring and evaluation, impact assessment, dissemination of project results and good practice;
  • Policy analysis and targeted policy advice;
  • Data collection and analysis, report writing, desk research, editing of specialised reports;
  • Design and delivery of capacity building activities such as study visits, training and event facilitation;
  • Translation and interpretation requiring knowledge of specialised terminology, etc.

Social Partnership in Education and Training, Phase 2

Country: Uzbekistan

Donor: EuropeAid Tacis

Period: 09/2007 – 08/2009

Activity: The overall objective of the project is to contribute to promoting mechanisms and practices of social partnership in education and training as a means to improve its quality and relevance. The purpose is to develop capacity at national, regional and local levels for designing and implementing vocational education and training (VET) policy, for involving stakeholders and in particular social partners, and for improving the link of VET to the needs of employers, youth and adults.

Support to the reform of Vocational Education and Training (first and second part of Second Phase)

Country: Morocco

Donor: GTZ

Period: 08/2007 – 02/2011

Activity: The overall goal of the project is that the dual (cooperative) system of vocational education and training is an integral part of the national VET system and contributes to a better qualification and higher employment of graduates and employees. The goal of the second phase is that the in-company apprentice training in the sectors of textile and tourism/hotel is an accepted and integral part of vocational education that can be applied to other sectors as well.

Second Education Project

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Donor: Asian Development Bank

Period: 05/2007- 11/2010

Activity: The Project consists of three components as follows:

Component A: Modernizing the Curriculum and Learning Assessment

Component B: Strengthening the Teaching Profession

Component C: Improving Participation and Quality in Rural Schools

Government Financial Management Project: System Study

Country: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Donor: International Development Association

Period: 10/2005 – 03/2006

Activity: The Objective of the assignment is to undertake a study, to define and describe the core public financial management business processes to achieve good budgetary outcomes and to specify the overall user functional and technical requirements for an integrated financial management system to support these business processes.

Teacher Education Project

Country: Nepal

Donor: Asian Development Bank

Period: 11/2004 – 04/2009

Activity: The Project aims to establish an effective and sustainable teacher education system for primary education. The Project will (i) build the capacity for policy making, planning, and managing teacher training programs; (ii) enhance the professional skills of teachers by training trainers and teachers, and developing curriculum and materials; and (iii) improve access to basic education for girls and other disadvantaged groups by encouraging increased recruitment of teachers from these groups, and providing fellowships for pre-service training to women and candidates from other disadvantaged groups.

Education and Training Programme

Country: Republic of Vanuatu

Donor: 9th European Development Fund

Period: 02/2005-04/2008

Activity: The overall objective of the Education and Training Programme is to contribute to the development of human resources in Vanuatu by providing opportunities to children to acquire knowledge and skills that would enable them to become productive members of the society. The specific objective of the “Education and Training Programme” is to improve access to education after 6 years of primary school. The NAO has the overall responsibility for the implementation of the programme and is the Contracting Authority.

Development of SME Business Services

Country: Azerbaijan

Donor: International Finance Corporation & British Petrol

Period: 10/2004-06/2007

Activity: Delivery of 50 training courses at the Azerbaijan Bank Training Centre (ABTC) for SME starters and entrepreneurs mainly from Baku, Azerbaijan and organisation of 13 internships in Europe, covering the following areas:

1) General and Operational Management

2) Marketing and Sales

3) Business Planning

4) Financial Management

5) HR Management

6) Quality Control