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Formulation of Legal Framework and Improvement of Management and Governance in the Kenyan TIVET System

Country: Kenya

Donor: African Development Bank

Period: 02/2007-12/2007

Activity: The purpose of the consultancy is to develop a strategy to:

(a)       Increase access and equity in the TIVET (Technical, industrial, vocational and entrepreneurship training) system; develop a comprehensive legislation for effective co-ordination and harmonization of TIVET activities in Kenya and the establishment of an overall authority with sufficient legal mandate to oversee and guide provision of TIVET programmes in the whole country.

(b)       Develop guidelines for corporate governance, management and partnerships in the running of TIVET institutions.

Labour market oriented Vocational Education and Training

Country: Croatia

Donor: GTZ

Period: 07/2006 – 10/2009 + 11/2009 – 10/2011

Activity: The program is intended to strengthen the capability of the project partners to gear vocational education and training towards the needs of economy and youth, in accordance with the drafts for the European Qualification Framework (EQF). The project provides methodical, technical and financial support to the improvement of the general framework of reform processes, the establishment and promotion of selected regional excellence schools, the institutional and staff development of participating social partners as well as the introduction of target group oriented and gender specific pre-vocational and vocational guidance to support integration of VET graduates into the labour market.

Second Textbook Development Project

Country: Uzbekistan

Donor: Asian Development Bank

Period: 06/2006–11/2008

Activity: The overall goal of the Project is to improve the quality of basic education. The purpose of the Project is to establish efficient and sustainable provision of affordable textbooks nationwide, and other instructional materials, supported by necessary institutional and policy reforms.

Support to the Development and Monitoring of a Quality Assurance System for Higher Education in Kazakhstan

Country: Kazakhstan

Donor: EuropeAid Tacis

Period: 05/2006-10/2007

Activity: The overall objective of the project is to improve the quality of the higher education system in Kazakhstan. The specific objective of this contract is to develop a sound and effective system of quality assurance within Kazakhstan’s higher education system, consistent with international standards and able to meet the rapidly changing needs of a market economy. The project involves reviewing the current quality assurance system used in Higher Education Institutions in Kazakhstan, evaluating quality assurance systems used in EU and other transition countries, developing and piloting a new quality assurance system for Kazakhstan Higher Education Institutions and the programmes running in these institutions.

Education Quality and Relevance Project: TA in preparing training materials and conducting training of trainers for new curriculum and assessment

Country: Armenia

Donor: International Development Association

Period: 02/2006-06/2008

Activity: The goal of the EQ&R Project is to support the Government reforms in general education. More specifically the project has the dual aim of raising the quality of education and ensuring its relevance to the new economy and knowledge society needs along with carrying forward reforms to improve the efficiency of the education system. The objective of the TA is to support the implementation of the Teachers’ Professional Development Component through training, technical assistance and supervision within the ongoing Education Quality and Relevance project.

Quality assurance of vocational education and training for adults

Country: Romania

Donor: GTZ

Period: 02/2004- 01/2006

Activity: The project was implemented within the framework of bilateral cooperation between the Governments of Romania and Germany, initiated in 1990, as a result of an agreement concluded between the Governments of Romania and Germany. The project was meant to contribute to the quality assurance of the adult vocational education offer.

Institution Building Technical Assistance IDA Credit 27690 AZ; Private Participation in Infrastructure and Privatization; Addressing the Social Impact of Economic Restructuring and Privatization

Country: Azerbaijan

Donor: World Bank

Period: 01/2003-10/2003

Activity: The objective of the project was to undertake an initial analysis of the design and costs of implementing a Social Support Program in Azerbaijan. Specifically to:

(a)   identify the social support policy options available to address the Impact of the ERP an affected workers and communities;

(b)   provide an initial analysis of the cost of using selected options;

(c)   upon approval by Government of the recommended options, to assist the government in implementing the approved option.

Strengthening the Vocational Education and Training System

Country: Turkey

Donor: MEDA

Period: 08/2002-11/2007

Activity: The project targets three main topics as follows:

(I) Improving the quality and relevance of the VET system through the implementation of a national reform, which includes the development of a national qualifications system

(II) Strengthening institutional capacity at national, regional and local level of public administration, social partners’ representatives’ and companies

(III) Speeding up the process of decentralisation of the system

Development of Vocational Education

Country: Mongolia

Donor: GTZ

Period: 12/1999-12/2002

Activity: Development of a programme strategy to improve the commercial-technical vocational education and training. Implementation of modern management methods, design of an organisational development plan, advice on the education management on governmental level. Developing a concept for the vocational education system in co-operation with the Ministry of Education.