Assistance to the Reform of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training System in the Arab Republic of Egypt (TVET Reform Project)

Country: Egypt

Donor: EuropeAid

Period: 10/2008 – 09/2012

Activity: The overall objective of the project is to contribute to improving the competitiveness of the Egyptian enterprises on domestic and international markets. In particular this contract is contributing to the immediate objective: To support the development of human and institutional capacity for the formulation and implementation of a national TVET reform policy.

Labour market oriented Vocational Education and Training

Country: Croatia

Donor: GTZ

Period: 07/2006 – 10/2009 + 11/2009 – 10/2011

Activity: The program is intended to strengthen the capability of the project partners to gear vocational education and training towards the needs of economy and youth, in accordance with the drafts for the European Qualification Framework (EQF). The project provides methodical, technical and financial support to the improvement of the general framework of reform processes, the establishment and promotion of selected regional excellence schools, the institutional and staff development of participating social partners as well as the introduction of target group oriented and gender specific pre-vocational and vocational guidance to support integration of VET graduates into the labour market.

Support to the VET System, Component 4: Cooperative Training of skilled workers in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Country: Palestinian Occupied Territories

Donor: GTZ

Period: 01/2005- 09/2008

Activity: Component 4 of the overall programme will establish the basis for the step-by-step introduction of a cooperative Vocational Education and Training system in the Palestinian Territories. This VET system will enhance co-operation of public (ministries, public schools, public training institutions) and private (chambers, associations, companies, NGOs) partners and establish adequate distribution of costs.

Development of SME Business Services

Country: Azerbaijan

Donor: International Finance Corporation & British Petrol

Period: 10/2004-06/2007

Activity: Delivery of 50 training courses at the Azerbaijan Bank Training Centre (ABTC) for SME starters and entrepreneurs mainly from Baku, Azerbaijan and organisation of 13 internships in Europe, covering the following areas:

1) General and Operational Management

2) Marketing and Sales

3) Business Planning

4) Financial Management

5) HR Management

6) Quality Control


Creation of an Inter-Regional and Finance Training Centre for Managers of SME’s

Country: Russian Federation

Donor: Tacis (BISTRO)


Activity: Technical Assistance was related to :

  • Creation and testing of the system of training of SME managers (construction, municipal and housing service) and representatives of the local authorities
  • Creation of regulation and legislation preconditions and financial mechanisms to save regional budgets
  • Development of cooperation with Western-European firms and creation of joint-ventures at the Russian market
  • Creation of a consulting centre to expand qualification of top and senior managers of SME’s

Feasibility Study: Support to the creation and development of SME in the Framework of the establishment of a Social Fund

Country: Algeria

Donor: MEDA

Period: 09/1999-03/2000

Activity: The project focused on the establishment of a feasibility study with the following main subjects:

Phase 1:

–       Collection of data, analysis of the requirements and of the potential availability of financial and non-financial services

–       Establishment of methods to analyse SME development requirements under Algerian conditions

Phase 2:

–       Analysis of existing micro-enterprises

–       Evaluation of potential capacities and requirements for the set up of new SMEs

–       Evaluation of micro-finance systems

–       Evaluation of non-financial systems for micro-enterprises

Support to SME Development Agencies and Business Communication Centres

Country: Russian Federation

Donor: Tacis

Period: 01/1998-12/1999

Activity: Support of the development of SMEs in the Russian Federation with the following objectives:

–       strengthen the capability of some of the SMEDAs newly established (training of staff and direct support)

–       further develop already established SMEDAs by developing BCC services within the development agencies

–       to create awareness of the potential for the commercialisation of technological products and services from Russian SMEs

–       to increase the understanding of leasing as a means of financing for Russian SMEs and to disseminate information concerning practical opportunities

Support to the network of SME Development Agencies

Country: Russian Federation

Donor: Tacis

Period: 01/97 – 06/98

Activity: The overall objectives of the project were to assist SMEs in the regions of the Russian Federation by strengthening the skills and potential of the network of regional SME Development Agencies set up under a previous Tacis project. The Agencies were to be upgraded as the direct target group for the project, SME entrepreneurs in the regions as the indirect target groups. The specific objectives were:

–       To improve the effectiveness of SMEDAs so that advice and training standards approach EU standards

–       To establish/strengthen 4 specified agencies

–       To develop women’s entrepreneurship

–       To strengthen the Tacis/Russian Government DA network

Support Centres for Enterprises

Country: Russia

Donor: Tacis

Period: 1996- 1998

Activity: Design and implementation of programmes for the development of SMEs in this region, including support to small business start-ups, the design and evaluation of business plans and the establishment of investment.