Feasibility Study for Establishing a National Curriculum Centre in Iraq (INCC)

Country: Iraq


Period: 07/2012 -12/2012

Activity: The INCC aims to contribute to the modernization and reconciliation in Iraqi society through rebuilding the Iraqi school curriculum and textbooks along side with teacher professional development to enhance and innovate educational practices. This project is part of an overall Iraqi educational reform and development strategy also targeting Teacher Training, Higher Education and Literacy.

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Association of African Distance Learning Centers (AADLC) Project – Knowledge Transfer in Change Management

Country: AADLC member countries[1]

Donor: Institutional Development Fund – World Bank

Period: 05/2011 – 5/2012

Activity: The overall objective is to support the Association of African Distance Learning Centers (AADLC) in managing complex service contracts on behalf of its member centers and to help the Association in development and implementation, through peer/action learning on real-life projects, of an efficient working structure, including designing and implementing the strategic plan. The plan should allow AADLC to be the main point of contact for relations with the World Bank, to support the expansion of the network in Africa and manage membership, business development, advocacy, marketing and communication

[1] Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d´Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Senegal, Tanzania and Uganda


Provision of expertise to support ETF initiatives for human resources development

Country: EU, IPA, ENPI, DCI regions

Donor: European Training Foundation

Period: 02/2008-02/2009

Activity: This framework contract is intended to cover contracting of specific expertise services to support ETF initiatives in the partner countries covered by its work programme, in different fields relating to human resource development. Inputs from experts may be required, for example, in one or more of the following areas:

  • Programming and project design (including feasibility studies), monitoring and evaluation, impact assessment, dissemination of project results and good practice;
  • Policy analysis and targeted policy advice;
  • Data collection and analysis, report writing, desk research, editing of specialised reports;
  • Design and delivery of capacity building activities such as study visits, training and event facilitation;
  • Translation and interpretation requiring knowledge of specialised terminology, etc.

Planning, Delivery and Follow-up of vocational trainings for Economic and Social Relaunch of Northwest Provinces in Cambodia (ECOSORN) – Lot 1, 2, 3

Country: Cambodia

Donor: EuropeAid ALA

Period: 10/2007 – 12/2010

Activity: The overall objective of the ECOSORN project is to contribute to poverty reduction through increased household income, mainly through increased agricultural production. The project purpose is the economic and social development of the rural population in 3 north-west provinces of Cambodia, in a way that benefits equitably to both men and women. Smallholder farmers and their family members living in the project area are the primary beneficiaries of the project.

Institution Building Technical Assistance IDA Credit 27690 AZ; Private Participation in Infrastructure and Privatization; Addressing the Social Impact of Economic Restructuring and Privatization

Country: Azerbaijan

Donor: World Bank

Period: 01/2003-10/2003

Activity: The objective of the project was to undertake an initial analysis of the design and costs of implementing a Social Support Program in Azerbaijan. Specifically to:

(a)   identify the social support policy options available to address the Impact of the ERP an affected workers and communities;

(b)   provide an initial analysis of the cost of using selected options;

(c)   upon approval by Government of the recommended options, to assist the government in implementing the approved option.

Promotion of the Technical Vocational Education

Country: Macedonia

Donor: GTZ

Period: 04/2001-06/2001

Activity: Feasibility study: Creation of the pre-conditions for amending the training bases for technique and electro-technology areas:

–          Analysis of the Macedonian education system and the job market within the mentioned areas (structures, trends);

–          Determination of the training requirements and capacities in enterprises;

–          Precision of a possible co-operation between school and enterprises;

–          Development of a required by the job market, practice-/action-oriented specialization training;

–          Development of a concept for the basic and advanced training of teachers and trainers;

–          Recommendations for the elaboration of teaching and learning aids.

–          Design of a concept for equipment planning and purchase.

Upgrading of the Vocational Education and Further Training

Country: Kosovo

Donor: GTZ

Period: 02/2001-04/2001

Activity: Feasibility study within the area of the vocational education “sewing and tailor technique”. Services included:

–          Vocational education field analysis;

–          Assistance to the LZF by developing training programs on the fields of sewing and tailor technique;

–          Advise to the textile department of the pilot centre in Pristina;

–          Provision of recommendations for the centre running and the delivery of vocational education courses;

–          Elaboration of a suggestion on the equipment of the textile department;

–          Layout development for the textile workshop of the pilot centre Pristina.

Feasibility Study: Set up of an education centre and an information system at the Commerce Chamber in Barnaul

Country: Russian Federation

Donor: German Government

Period: 10/2000-11/2000

Activity:  A detailed analysis and assessment was made and a feasibility study was elaborated. Service included the following areas:

  • Market research and demand analysis
  • Set up of an information system
  • Set up of a business and financing plan
  • Development of a concept for databases
  • Technical specification and equipment of the education centre
  • Elaboration of a business and financing plan

Feasibility Study: Support to the creation and development of SME in the Framework of the establishment of a Social Fund

Country: Algeria

Donor: MEDA

Period: 09/1999-03/2000

Activity: The project focused on the establishment of a feasibility study with the following main subjects:

Phase 1:

–       Collection of data, analysis of the requirements and of the potential availability of financial and non-financial services

–       Establishment of methods to analyse SME development requirements under Algerian conditions

Phase 2:

–       Analysis of existing micro-enterprises

–       Evaluation of potential capacities and requirements for the set up of new SMEs

–       Evaluation of micro-finance systems

–       Evaluation of non-financial systems for micro-enterprises