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Second Education Project

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Donor: Asian Development Bank

Period: 05/2007- 11/2010

Activity: The Project consists of three components as follows:

Component A: Modernizing the Curriculum and Learning Assessment

Component B: Strengthening the Teaching Profession

Component C: Improving Participation and Quality in Rural Schools

Labour market oriented Vocational Education and Training

Country: Croatia

Donor: GTZ

Period: 07/2006 – 10/2009 + 11/2009 – 10/2011

Activity: The program is intended to strengthen the capability of the project partners to gear vocational education and training towards the needs of economy and youth, in accordance with the drafts for the European Qualification Framework (EQF). The project provides methodical, technical and financial support to the improvement of the general framework of reform processes, the establishment and promotion of selected regional excellence schools, the institutional and staff development of participating social partners as well as the introduction of target group oriented and gender specific pre-vocational and vocational guidance to support integration of VET graduates into the labour market.

Second Textbook Development Project

Country: Uzbekistan

Donor: Asian Development Bank

Period: 06/2006–11/2008

Activity: The overall goal of the Project is to improve the quality of basic education. The purpose of the Project is to establish efficient and sustainable provision of affordable textbooks nationwide, and other instructional materials, supported by necessary institutional and policy reforms.

Education Quality and Relevance Project: TA in preparing training materials and conducting training of trainers for new curriculum and assessment

Country: Armenia

Donor: International Development Association

Period: 02/2006-06/2008

Activity: The goal of the EQ&R Project is to support the Government reforms in general education. More specifically the project has the dual aim of raising the quality of education and ensuring its relevance to the new economy and knowledge society needs along with carrying forward reforms to improve the efficiency of the education system. The objective of the TA is to support the implementation of the Teachers’ Professional Development Component through training, technical assistance and supervision within the ongoing Education Quality and Relevance project.

Technical Assistance for the design and elaboration of modules of competence based learning for technical degrees in (I) Catering and Tourism Trade, (II) Logistics and Customs and (III) Port Operations

Country: El Salvador

Donor: World Bank

Period: 08/2005- 01/2006

Activity: The Ministry of Education (MINED) has various strategies to implement the present five-year work plan oriented toward the improvement of the coverage and quality of the educational services that are offered to the population in the different educational levels. In this context, the establishment, organization and administration of a Center of Technical Studies is foreseen, that will be part of the institutional network that will be responsible to develop education in the technical area, in Basic Education, Secondary Education and Technical Education of Higher and University level. In the process of management and implementation of the Center of Technical Studies, it is foreseen that the teaching staff develops a new vision and focus of Technical Education, the methodological, didactic and academic competences required for excellent performance. The general objective of the project is to design study plans of and to devise modules of competence based learning for occupations of Hotel and Tourism; Logistic and Customs and Port Operation, as well as to revise and update the relevant secondary technical education study plans and to integrate them in the curricula of the new technical careers.

Technical Assistance to Vocational Educational Training (VET) Providers Working with Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

Country: Lebanon

Donor: EuropeAid Meda Programme

Period: 09/2005-08/2008

Activity: The specific objective is to increase employability of young Palestinian refugees. The project has three fields of action:

  1. Upgrading and expanding of VET delivery;
  2. Modernisation of counselling and placement services;
  3. Reinforcement of Palestinian students’ access to higher education.

Teacher Education Project

Country: Nepal

Donor: Asian Development Bank

Period: 11/2004 – 04/2009

Activity: The Project aims to establish an effective and sustainable teacher education system for primary education. The Project will (i) build the capacity for policy making, planning, and managing teacher training programs; (ii) enhance the professional skills of teachers by training trainers and teachers, and developing curriculum and materials; and (iii) improve access to basic education for girls and other disadvantaged groups by encouraging increased recruitment of teachers from these groups, and providing fellowships for pre-service training to women and candidates from other disadvantaged groups.

Education and Training Programme

Country: Republic of Vanuatu

Donor: 9th European Development Fund

Period: 02/2005-04/2008

Activity: The overall objective of the Education and Training Programme is to contribute to the development of human resources in Vanuatu by providing opportunities to children to acquire knowledge and skills that would enable them to become productive members of the society. The specific objective of the “Education and Training Programme” is to improve access to education after 6 years of primary school. The NAO has the overall responsibility for the implementation of the programme and is the Contracting Authority.

Support to the VET System, Component 3: Support to the Technical School Nablus – Counterpart-Training

Country: Palestinian Occupied Territories

Donor: GTZ

Period: 01/2005-08/2008

Activity: The Technical School Nablus will be supported to serve as a role model for modern vocational education and training that combines theory and practice and is oriented to the needs of the labour market. The education and training will focus on future-oriented vocations. A new level of competence between the level of engineer and skilled worker will be introduced. Graduates will be granted access to university level institutions under certain circumstances.

Skills Development

Country: Uzbekistan

Donor: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

Period: 04/2004- 12/2010

Activity: The Skills Development Project has been designed to contribute to the ability of Uzbekistan’s Vocational Education and Training System to adequately respond to the actual needs of the labour market and socio-economic conditions. The creation of a modern system of vocational education, relevant to dynamic and fast-changing conditions of the labour market is a gradual and long-term process. SDP intends to contribute to this demanding change process through demonstrating the potential of modern VET to all stakeholders. It aims to create reform momentum through providing successful models and developing new approaches to cooperation between VET schools, employers and the corresponding Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education as the competent ministry for the sector, with its Centre for Secondary Specialised and Vocational Education (CSSVE).