Rapid Employment Program – Provision of Pre-Employment Training

Country: Solomon Islands

Donor: World Bank

Period: 05/2011 – 05/2013

Activity: The overall objective of the project is to assist targeted urban poor to: i) increase their incomes through the provision of short term employment; and ii) improve their knowledge, experience and basic employment skills that are valued in the work place and society. Secondary benefits accrue to the target communities/neighbourhoods and the general urban population from the infrastructure and services that are provided through the Rapid Employment Project. The project is designed as a rapid response to address unemployment, underemployment and poverty in the main urban centre of the Solomon Islands. The project also serves to increase economic productivity through investing in the maintenance of infrastructure assets, particularly roads.

Promotion of basic education in Punjab

Country: Pakistan

Donor: GIZ

Period: 09/2010 – 05/2013

Activity: The project consists of two components:

Regional Component 1: Improvement of the institutional framework, governance and capacity in the education sector at the federal level.

Regional Component 2: Improving the institutional framework, governance and capacity in the education sector in Punjab.

Provision of expertise to support ETF initiatives for human capital development

Country: IPA, ENPI, DCI regions

Donor: European Union

Period: 02/2010 – 02/2011

Activity: This framework contract is intended to cover contracting of specific high quality expertise services to support ETF initiatives in the partner countries covered by its work programme, in different fields relating to human capital development. The services may be implemented at a country, regional or cross-regional level and may require country-specific experience or knowledge.

Assistance to the Reform of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training System in the Arab Republic of Egypt (TVET Reform Project)

Country: Egypt

Donor: EuropeAid

Period: 10/2008 – 09/2012

Activity: The overall objective of the project is to contribute to improving the competitiveness of the Egyptian enterprises on domestic and international markets. In particular this contract is contributing to the immediate objective: To support the development of human and institutional capacity for the formulation and implementation of a national TVET reform policy.

Planning, Delivery and Follow-up of vocational trainings for Economic and Social Relaunch of Northwest Provinces in Cambodia (ECOSORN) – Lot 1, 2, 3

Country: Cambodia

Donor: EuropeAid ALA

Period: 10/2007 – 12/2010

Activity: The overall objective of the ECOSORN project is to contribute to poverty reduction through increased household income, mainly through increased agricultural production. The project purpose is the economic and social development of the rural population in 3 north-west provinces of Cambodia, in a way that benefits equitably to both men and women. Smallholder farmers and their family members living in the project area are the primary beneficiaries of the project.

Support to the reform of Vocational Education and Training (first and second part of Second Phase)

Country: Morocco

Donor: GTZ

Period: 08/2007 – 02/2011

Activity: The overall goal of the project is that the dual (cooperative) system of vocational education and training is an integral part of the national VET system and contributes to a better qualification and higher employment of graduates and employees. The goal of the second phase is that the in-company apprentice training in the sectors of textile and tourism/hotel is an accepted and integral part of vocational education that can be applied to other sectors as well.

Education and Training Programme

Country: Republic of Vanuatu

Donor: 9th European Development Fund

Period: 02/2005-04/2008

Activity: The overall objective of the Education and Training Programme is to contribute to the development of human resources in Vanuatu by providing opportunities to children to acquire knowledge and skills that would enable them to become productive members of the society. The specific objective of the “Education and Training Programme” is to improve access to education after 6 years of primary school. The NAO has the overall responsibility for the implementation of the programme and is the Contracting Authority.

Integration of Former Military Personnel into Civil Society (III)

Country: Russian Federation

Donor: EuropeAid

Period: 01/2003-11/2003

Activity: The overall objective of the project was to develop the human capital that will become available as a result of the restructuring of the armed forces and to support the integration of demobilized personnel into civil society, through targeted training activities prior to their demobilization and release from military service. The project continues the TA already provided during prior training projects for officers laid off in RF.

Mechanisms of Technological Co-operation for Vietnam and Thailand

Country: Vietnam, Thailand

Donor: Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft, Germany

Period: 11/2001-11/2003

Activity: The main objective of the project was focused on strengthening the economy of the two countries through emphasizing the role of technological innovation. Main tasks for achieving these objectives include training of managers and consultants from technology support organizations, technology parks and consulting companies in the field of technology transfer, innovation management, set up and development of technology-oriented companies.