Promotion of Basic Education in Afghanistan: Results-based Monitoring

Country: Afghanistan

Donor: GIZ

Period: 06/2011 – 05/2013

Activity: Part of the National Education Strategy is the establishment and operation of an Education Management Information System (EMIS). It is supposed to be established throughout the country and organized, conducted and used by professionals at the national level and in the provinces and districts. The design of the EMIS is supported by donors and development partners. The project “Results-based Monitoring” refers to both the existing EMIS of the Ministry of Education and the M&E System of the Teacher Education Department (TED) in the Ministry of Education as well as to the implementation and impact of projects within the components of German technical cooperation. Results from the monitoring activities of the latter are made available to the M&E Unit of the TED and are fed into the overall EMIS. A capacity assessment for the M&E Unit of TED and a corresponding capacity development strategy are developed and implemented.