ABUplus International GmbH (with the assets of former ABU Consult Berlin GmbH, including project references, data bases, employees, contracts, and know-how) is a German consulting firm active in the fields of education, capacity building, vocational training and educational systems’ reforms. It has implemented a diverse portfolio of projects and programs focused in the regions of Asia, the Pacific, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

In 2013, ABUplus International was established by a consortium comprising of:

  • CSCS, an Italian consulting firm active in the field of research on labor market and pedagogic innovation as well as in the promotion of transnational cooperation on general education and technical education and training;
  • TKNIKA, a Spanish institute of innovation created by the Basque Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, under the direct auspices of the Deputy Ministry of Technical and Vocational Education and Training and Lifelong Learning;
  • European Minds, a Swedish consulting firm that delivers project support services, like monitoring and ongoing evaluation, as well as provides training in different fields;

thus broadening the knowledge base and regional expertise of ABUplus. In fact, the three member of the consortium are actively involved in the implementation of capacity building consultancy services in Europe and other regions, including Africa.