Conference Theme

ABU+ | New management joins 20 years worldwide trusted experience

The conference offers the opportunity to present the International Consortia responsible for the new management of ABU+ and its vision to valorise the know-how, experience and networks established by ABU Consult over 20 years of outstanding initiatives in the field of consultancy on education and training around the world.

The operational capacity in Berlin is preserved within ABU+ by the highly experienced and qualified professionals who have been responsible till now for the planning and coordination of all project activities and the important contracts successfully accomplished so far, such as, among others, those in Comoros Islands, Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Solomon Islands, Pakistan.


Conference Theme

Experts, partners and stakeholders have the opportunity to share their experiences and innovative solutions on how to promote capacity building to tackle different challenges and different geographical contexts.

The ability to regulate and manage public affairs, social and economic development in the interests of the local population, relies on the skills, technical competencies as well as wisdom and vision of local stakeholders and administrators, to correctly plan and manage such processes.

The conference offers a platform to key players in education and training to present successful initiatives of capacity building processes focusing around three complementary and closely inter-related dimensions:

  • Human resource development: tools and methodologies to promote among key people the understanding, skills and access to information, knowledge and training that enables them to perform effectively as individuals in incorporating constructive solutions within their activities and strategies.
  • Organizational development: enabling organizations to successfully manage structures, processes and procedures, not only internally but also in the interactions among different organizations and sectors (public, private and the society).
  • Institutional and legal framework development supporting organizations, institutions and agencies at all levels and in all sectors to enhance their capacities in integrating constructive measures in their legal and regulatory agendas.


Conference Programme