International Web Conference

ABUplus International Web Lounching Conference on this web site

Tuesday 16th July 09.00 CET

New management joins 20 years worldwide trusted experience

  • Giovanni Crisonà, Introducing the ABUplus Consortium
  • Stefano Tirati, CSCS
  • Jose Luis Maure Fernandez, TKNIKA
  • Göran Sjöberg, European Minds
  • Eva-Maria Henckel, introducing ABUplus staff and capacities


Contributions and partners from around the world

Promoting Entrepreneurship

  • Spain: Local Development and Entrepreneurship in Chile with David Fernandez
  • USA: entrepreneurship education with Courtney Price, CEO of VentureQuest
  • Italy: Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, the European business exchange programme with Ana Sarateanu
  • Germany: promoting entrepreneurial skills within educational experiences abroad with Thomas Berger


Education Enhancing Employment Opportunities

  • Union des Comores: projet appui à la Formation Professionnelle avec Eric Lavendhomme et Mohammed Said Ahamada
  • Union des Comores: projet appui à la Formation Professionnelle. Méthodologie pour l’apprentissage avec Joel Honegger
  • Papua New Guinea: Urban Youth Employment Project with Joseph Mundaden
  • Solomon Islands: Pre-Employment Project with Jeyakumar Anugraham
  • Iraq: Capacity Building for Curriculum Development of Ministry of Education of Iraq, with Ihsan Ali Hayder
  • Italy: Capacity Building for Lifelong Learning, Vocational Education, Enhancing Employment Opportunities with Giovanni Crisonà


Innovation and Quality in Education

  • West Bank and Gaza: Teacher Education Improvment Project – Upgrading Academic and Professional Teaching Qualification of Under-Qualified class teachers for grade 1-4 with Vivien Casteel
  • Iraq: Feasibility Study for Establishing a National Curriculum Center in Iraq with Pat Hiddleston
  • Armenia: Technical Assistance for development of teacher professional development scheme with Vladimir Briller

International Networks in Education

  • Canada: the Association of Canadian Community Colleges with Paul Brennan
  • Belgium: European Forum for Vocational Education and Training with Pete Hodgson
  • The Netherlands: LEO-NET with Marjo van der Valk


International affairs of University partners

  • Brazil: Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Ceraá with Prof. Gutenberg Albuquerque
  • Finland: University of Haaga Helia with Kitte Martinen
  • Spain: University of Mondragón with Carlos Rodríguez


Study Visits and Learning Mobility Abroad

  • Italy: International Community of Learning Mobility Coordinators for work based learning of Europemobility Network with Stefano Tirati
  • Italy: the MOVE initiative of Regional Employment Agency of Government of Sardinia investing in transnational work based learning with Francesca Pasini