Tknika is an institute of innovation created by the Basque Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, under the direct auspices of the Deputy Ministry of Technical and Vocational Education and Training and Lifelong Learning.

Innovation is at the core of Tknika in its ongoing efforts to place Basque Technical Vocational Education and  Training at the European forefront.

Through networking and direct involvement by the Basque Technical and Vocational Training Colleges, the Institute develops innovative projects in the areas of technology, teachers´training, e-learning and ICT and management.

The main idea TKNIKA is working with, is to make shorter the gap that elapses between a new technology or an innovation takes place at University, at a company or at a research centre and it arrives to the Technical colleges.

To meet these expectations TKNIKA uses the tool TKNIKAINNOVA, a Model for the Mangement of Innovation that allows the organization to develop a culture of innovation addressed to the staff and the whole further Educational system in the Basque Country, but also, and even more important, to develop innovation projects in the four areas of interest with the following set of processes:

  • Capture of ideas through a transversal following up system at regional, national and international levels
  • Preparation of pre-projects that can be evaluated as innovative and then offered to the colleges to be developed.
  • Selection of teachers that will take part in the development of the project that will have a duration never over two years
  • Development of the Project. Teachers working half time with TKNIKA, half time at their colleges creating new materials to be handed to the colleges.
  • Transfer of the results to the rest of the teachers and colleges of the system
  • Evaluation of results of the transference
  • If necessary, new cycle to adapt to new needs.

Under TknikaINNOVA, the Model for the Management of Innovation, Tknika incorporates into its activities companies, technology centres, research centres, universities and other institutions that can add value to the system – all based on the dynamic of open innovation.

Tknika also works in partnership with INNOBASQUE , the Basque Innovation Agency, to coordinate initiatives and actions connected with innovation in the Basque Country in all fields and to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity.

The model TKNIKAINNOVA allows TKNIKA each year to develop around 30 innovation projects mainly based in applying research. All the materials sorted from the projects are free for the whole system. There is a broad view of the projects developed and being developed at:

TKNIKA is an organization included in the catalogue of Competitiveness of the programme Basque Country Expertise with clusters, research insttitutions and Technological centers.


Innovation is not only a strategic move to guarantee the future of the Basque industry. Innovation means creating and thinking outside the box; being able to identify new opportunities, seize new ideas and provide new answers for the teaching and learning process. Innovation is a way to ensure success in Vocational Training and further education.

Fundamental to innovation is the establishment of collaborative networks and alliances with companies, university research departments, technology centres and advanced management services at a regional, national and international levels.

Tknika was founded with the aim of becoming a reference for innovation in European Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Internationalization strategy

TKNIKA is an active member in the international Networks:

  • EFVET (European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training)
  • TA3 (Transatlantic Technological and Training Alliance).
  • TKNIKA is a board member of WFCP (World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics) and also is member of the steering committee of the international network

TKNIKA also took part in the organization of International conferences in the Basque Country together with TA3 and EFVET and also in all the international conferences organized by the Basque Government during the last six years.

TKNIKA has been invited to take part in conferences in Turkey, USA, Denmark  and Finland to explain the model TKNIKAINNOVA

TKNIKA took part in the workshop of experts organized in Brussels by the European Comission about the excellence in the Vocational Education and Training System

TKNIKA also took part in the workshop to evaluate the Basque Technical and Vocational education and Training sytem, organized by the OECD in September 2012.

TKNIKA is leading some international projects with partners from Europe, China and Canada and also organizes mobility programmes for trainers working in the field of entrepreneurship and also for trainers working in Innovation projects. TKNIKA also takes part in international projects as a partner.


TKNIKA, using the model TKNIKAINNOVA, coordinates all the technical colleges working in the field of entrepreneurship, more than 40 in the Basque Country, and from that point of view is, together with the coordinators of all the colleges, responsible of the creation of more than 315 companies in the last ten years and of the maintenance of 85% alive. For further information use the link: