ABUplus Expertise

Entrepreneurship Development: Many young people in developing and developed countries lack access to modern education on business development and the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). This makes it hard for the growing numbers of youth to successfully compete in the job-market and to contribute to their countries’ economic development. ABUplus offers consultancy and management of entrepreneurship, training, education and capacity building.

Policy advice to governments, ministries and administrations: the private consultant companies becoming more and more popular aroung the world through the providing of the advice and expertise on such topics as policy strategy analysis, design and development of the reforms in the different fields. We offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services, for Public Bodies that implementing programmes of reform, in the sphere of education, public administration,TVET policies, labour market analyses,private sector development strategies, development of social programs for pension reform, reform of social security systems, reform of the social benefit system in general, risk management and anti-crisis strategies.

Human Resources Development: our HR consultants will ensure that an organization’s human capital serves the best interests of the company. We offer the advisory for the companies on a wide range of issues involving its workforce, like consultancy and management of HRD, training, education and capacity building, consultancy, monitoring and controlling of retraining and re-employment programs, management and development of administrative structures, institutional development, development and delivery of tailor-made training measures.

Education and Vocational Training: ABU+ have a long experience in the implementation of the projects in the various fields of TVET and employment with a particular focus on labour market-oriented activities.

Our services cover all aspects of the education and TVET consultancy like: Education sector adjustment strategies and programs, policy studies on education finance and budgeting, design and implementation of vocational training and further education courses, development of curricula (modular approach) and new professional and occupational profiles,development of national qualification systems & vocational qualification frameworks, training needs analyses among target groups in industrial/economy sectors, development of assessment and certification procedures, E-learning, counseling, career guidance and placement services, introduction of the cooperative Vocational Education and Training system (German Dual System).

Professional Development: Professional development deliver the skills and knowledge required for “personal development” and “career advancement.” The companies that invest in the their people, and provide them with opportunities for proffesional growing have significantly improved the overall efficiency of the organization and increased revenues.

Our experts offer a broad scale of the possibilities for the profesional development for our clients, such as: training needs analysis and revision of existing teacher training programs, preparation of new teacher training curricula, preparation of training materials for teacher training, piloting of teacher training programs and their evaluation, implementation of teacher training through multiplicators, analysis of professional development sectors, revision of qualification standards.

Tender consultancy: Running of a tender practice can be a large and very exhausting process, where it is important to, not only deal with the official guidelines, but also to create the perfect solution for the organization. However, exists a steep learning curve, to run the tenders wisely. Furthermore, sometimes could be valuable to hire an expert in tender consultancy, to assist or govern the processes. Due to the experience, we could offer the consulting services and experts advisory support even in the most demanding and complicated tenders. The company works with high experienced experts and consultants which could be hired to make the tender process quicker and easier.

Within the framework of the general project implementation the various issues such as capacity building, curricula development, training, M&E, etc., have always been combined together and considered as integral parts.

ABUplus International has always accompanied the work on these issues with the application of professional know-how related to other binding aspects and to the transfer of managerial and administrational skills to the institutional or educational staff operating on the territory.

The ABUplus has been involved, as contract partner or as member of a consortium, during the last 20 years in nearly all major TVET projects funded by the international donor community and established close relationships with all projects´ local partners who are providing efficient support in implementing the projects all over the word.